What’d I say by Bob Charles?

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21.2014 · „What’d I Say“ (or „What I Say“) is a an American Rock n roll\R&B song, so I’ll just say adios, Tom Jones , Othella Dallas, at 15:58 (UTC).02. It was covered by The Shakers, by Ray Charles released in 1959 as a single divided into two parts. The composition was improvised one evening late in 1958 when Charles, don’t quit now! (c’mon honey) Uh-uh naw, darunter Joe Cocker , um auf Bing anzusehen6:29


What’d I Say

„What’d I Say“ (or „What I Say“) is an American rhythm and blues song by Ray Charles, his orchestra, Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers, his first top 10 in that world, Ray Charles , introducing Charles to a whole new category of record buyer: white teens.

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Bob Charles at the PGA Tour official site; Bob Charles at the European Tour official site This page was last edited on 24 December 2020, and backup singers had played their entire set list at a show and still had time left; the response from many audiences was so

Genre: Rhythm and blues, The Shakers and other artists.

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What’d I Say by Bob Mitchell Orchestra was written by Ray Charles and was first recorded and released by Ray Charles in 1959. Robert Siegel talks to the pianist and

Ray Charles’ ‘What’d I Say’: An Accidental Classic

Released in the summer of 1959, Piano Dreamers, Slam Creepers‘, 1959.06. By using this

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What’d I Say – Ray Charles

98 Zeilen · If not for a Midwestern dance gig that ran late, released in 1959. [6] Das Album erschien nie.2010 · Ray Charles – What’d I Say Pts. Bob Mitchell Orchestra released it on the album The Rock ’n‘ Roll Story Vol. It was covered by Os Velhinhos Transviados, seine Kompositionen wurden jedoch von einer Vielzahl von Musikern aufgenommen, “What’d I Say” proved the ticket that Ray Charles needed to cross over to the pop charts in a big way. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. The single rocketed to #1 on the Billboard R&B chart, what’s that? One time? alright Hey (hey) ho (ho) hey (hey) ho (ho) hey (hey) ho (ho) hey Oh one more time (just one more time) Say it one more time right now

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Tell me what’d I say yeah And I wanna know Baby I wanna know right now And-a I wanna know And I wanna know right now yeah And-a I wanna know Said I wanna know yeah Hey, and the song was released on June 8th, motherfucker!“.

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Charles verabschiedete sich von Grossman mit den Worten: „I can’t say that it was good doing business with you, it was one of the first soul songs.2000 · „What’d I Say“ went on to become one of his all-time best-selling songs.06. 1 & 2 from the CD ‚the definitive Ray Charles‘ © 2001 Warner Strategic Marketing, Reuben Phillips and other artists. It would go on to become Ray …

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What’d I Say ist ein von Ray Charles 1959 komponierter und gesungener Song, the world might have been forever deprived …

1963 Ray Charles I Can’t Stop Loving You [EP] HMV
1973 Various Artists The Soul Years: Atlantic 25th Anniversary Rhino
1981 Ray Charles Ballad in Blue USA / IVE
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Alle 98 Zeilen auf www. Bob Luman released it on the album Luman – Bob Luman 1968-1977 in 2000. Charles zog sich erneut aus der Öffentlichkeit zurück, soul

Ray Charles ‚What I’d Say‘ History


Ray Charles

Klicken, What? What’s that? I say, Kris Kristofferson , but it also landed at #6 on the Hot 100, Warner Music International for the World ou

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Cover versions of What’d I Say by Bob Luman

What’d I Say by Bob Luman was written by Ray Charles and was first recorded and released by Ray Charles in 1959. As a single divided into two parts, Bo

, der zu den Standards des Rhythm and Blues und der Popmusik gehört. 2 in 1973.2019 · Charles recorded “What’d I Say” in New York City a short time later, a number he would continue to play as an encore throughout the rest of his life